Crochet Rug

Cooler temperatures have finally made it to our part of the World. It has really put me into a crochet bigger projects mood. Besides I really want to start using up as much of my yarn stash as possible. I bought a lot of acrylic yarn when I first started crocheting but since then have discovered yarns that I like more. But before I start buying, I want to use what I have. One project I’ve been wanting to do is to make a couple of throw rugs for my daughter’s room. One for her closet and one to be placed beside her bed. Here is the one I did for the closet.


I was going to embellish the rug with just yarn flowers but decided to use some of my half-finished projects or motifs that I had received in swaps that I wasn’t sure how I was going to use them. The next rug I will use yarn flowers. So even though the rug is totally random, it turned out pretty good. I was going to finish it off with a border but it really won’t fit then in the closet but I can always add one later if I move the rug somewhere else.

Halloween Cthulhu


My husband wanted an orange/black Cthulhu for Halloween. Here he is. I used cotton yarn which doesn’t work as well for amigurumi as acrylic yarn in my opinion. My yarn also kept splitting since I was using such a small hook. Very frustrating but worth it. He is a cute fella(Cthulhu AND my husband that is! 🙂 ).

Mini Jayne Cobb Hat


The Jayne Cobb hat is the infamous hat given to Jayne Cobb – the gun-toting, ready for a throw down crew member of the Serenity. Firefly was such a great show and a mighty shame it was cancelled after just 13 episodes. But what a 13 episodes it was! In fact, fans helped to ensure that the movie – Serenity – was made. Now back to the hat. Jayne receives the hat from his Mom that garners mixed reactions from his fellow colleagues.

There are several Jayne Cobb hat patterns floating on the Internet and most of them are for knitting. I can’t knit but wanted to make the hat for a huge Firefly fan’s birthday, so I decided to make a mini Jayne Cobb hat in single crochet. It turned out really cute and is something that took very little time to whip up. I may have to make another few as hats for some of our amigurumi because that would just be too darn cute.

Farm Town Amigurumi

I admit that I enjoy the Facebook game Farm Town a little too much. It’s easy and a lot of fun to play. I get so excited when I level to see what wonderful items I’ve unlocked. I decided that I should make my Farm Town farmer in yarn through crochet. So here is my Farm Town amigurumi.


She turned out pretty good and I would like to make another one since the first of anything I make always seems to be a learning experience.

Mario Inspired Amigurumi

On, they had a Mario Bros. swap so naturally I just had to sign up for it. My partner’s favorite characters were Princess Peach and Yoshi. After creating Peach, my daughter wanted one and I decided the first one was too big. I made another one for the swap and then a third one for Rae. Each one is smaller than the previous one.


And here is Yoshi that was harder than expected. It was after I created him that I decided to redo Peach. Yoshi wasn’t hard to crochet. He just involved a lot of sewing.


I didn’t have a pattern for Yoshi but he was mostly worked in rounds. The eye sockets were the trickiest since I did a half-fan stitch(about 3 single crochets) to create a half rounded eye socket. If I can do it again, then I will write up a pattern since that was definitely the most tricky part of the whole project.

Snellie the Snail

My daughter is a Spongebob Squarepants fan. About a week ago, she came into the living room and asked me to make her a girl snail. I knew she was watching Spongebob in the bedroom and I was familiar with Gary but not a female snail. But apparently there is and her name is Snellie. I had seen a few Gary the Snails in crochet on but couldn’t find a free pattern so I winged it.


I plan to do another one with a few different ideas. I want the eyes to stand up on their own so I need a firm base. I also plan to do the swirls with felt instead of crocheting two colors. And I also need to make notes because I want to offer a free Snellie the Snail crochet pattern. Hopefully it will be ready within a week.



I am on a play food kick lately. It started with the crochet hamburger I did a few weeks back. I thought that pizza would make an excellent play crochet food so I set out to whip up a small personal size pizza one evening.

I’m going to start jotting down notes when I crochet so that I can make some patterns from my creations. The pizza consists of the dough, sauce, a few mushrooms, and pepperoni. The next pizza will probably be slices that can be put together to make a whole pizza.


When I first started crocheting again last summer, I attempted to make a Cthulhu for him since he is a gamer. My attempt failed and I gave up. I recently bought Creepy Cute Crochet that has a Cthulhu pattern. I gave it a try and with some minor changes came up with this little monster.


It feels really good to finally complete something that I had set out to make over a year ago. I deviated from the pattern with the tentacles since my husband preferred this look to the one in the pattern.

Red Lions


I believe that if you can dream it, you can crochet it. Take these red lions. My daughter decided she wanted a red lion, so I made the bigger one. She told me it was too big. She loves small things. I tried again and made it smaller. She was well pleased with the smaller one but also played with the larger one, too.

The body is worked in continuous rounds while the mane was the harder part(but not really hard to do). I just had to add more stitches to make it fan out. I might have used the shell stitch or because of the size I probably just did three single crochet to a stitch, skip one, repeat.


One of my new favorite activities is craft swaps. It’s so much fun to craft with a purpose especially when Christmas is too far off to worry about, and no baby blankets are on the horizon.

In the Spring I took part in The Office swap where we made our partners something knitted/crocheted around the greatest TV show on air. For my partner, I made a batghan – a lapghan inspired by the episode where Dwight tries to catch a bat that has made a home in the office.


I found a bat Fillet crochet pattern on’s Crochet section and used that for the center. I just filled in the rest with double crochet. I used Hobby Lobby’s cotton yarn which probably wasn’t the greatest choice as it seemed to ‘shed’. Cotton yarn is one of my favorite yarns to work with. I just love the bright colors from cotton yarn although for this project I chose a dull, boring beige.