since I posted anything here? Sorry for that. A lot of projects I’ve been working on I need to wait until after Christmas.

Last year I had wanted to crochet some Christmas gifts and got about half done of what I had planned. This year I hope my percentage is higher. This weekend I need to finish up those items for my family’s Christmas since it will be the next weekend. My goal this year is to be done before the actual day of the party. Last year I was finishing up before we headed out. Whew. Talk about pressure.

It is hard to start crocheting too early for Christmas since I tend to change my mind or second guess myself about projects. I’m trying to thin down my stash so I try to pick patterns that I can use what I have. Also when it starts getting cooler and feeling like Christmas just puts me in the holiday mood.

I feel like I’m just rambling so let me end with saying that I haven’t given up on this blog and will be posting more projects and patterns after Christmas.