My daughter is a Spongebob Squarepants fan. About a week ago, she came into the living room and asked me to make her a girl snail. I knew she was watching Spongebob in the bedroom and I was familiar with Gary but not a female snail. But apparently there is and her name is Snellie. I had seen a few Gary the Snails in crochet on but couldn’t find a free pattern so I winged it.


I plan to do another one with a few different ideas. I want the eyes to stand up on their own so I need a firm base. I also plan to do the swirls with felt instead of crocheting two colors. And I also need to make notes because I want to offer a free Snellie the Snail crochet pattern. Hopefully it will be ready within a week.

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  • granny

    if you get the pattern written down, i would appreciate it. i have a spongebob grandson and he wants all of the characters. i have figured out sponge bob, he is just a square, patrick, and plankton, but the snails are eluding me.
    any hits or help would also be welcome.

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