Cooler temperatures have finally made it to our part of the World. It has really put me into a crochet bigger projects mood. Besides I really want to start using up as much of my yarn stash as possible. I bought a lot of acrylic yarn when I first started crocheting but since then have discovered yarns that I like more. But before I start buying, I want to use what I have. One project I’ve been wanting to do is to make a couple of throw rugs for my daughter’s room. One for her closet and one to be placed beside her bed. Here is the one I did for the closet.


I was going to embellish the rug with just yarn flowers but decided to use some of my half-finished projects or motifs that I had received in swaps that I wasn’t sure how I was going to use them. The next rug I will use yarn flowers. So even though the rug is totally random, it turned out pretty good. I was going to finish it off with a border but it really won’t fit then in the closet but I can always add one later if I move the rug somewhere else.