Ice Cream Cozy

This may not be the healthiest of traditions but sometimes we partake in ‘Ice Cream Thursday.’ We go buy us each a pint of ice cream and enjoy it to the last spoonful. I have the biggest sweet tooth so I just can’t stop after a few bites and holding that pint for so long…

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Cupcake Candle Money Holder

It’s so nice to crochet a little something that makes a money gift special. My daughter has hit the age where she is extremely hard to buy for and so are her friends. When she was invited to a birthday party, I knew the go-to-gift would be money but wanted to present it in a…

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One of the greatest feelings that I get is when my daughter asks me to crochet her something. As she had gotten older, she has asked for less items, which is bittersweet because she usually asked for amigurumis. She just doesn’t play anymore. But at school in theatre class, her group is doing a PSA…

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Halloween Fruit

Wow. It’s been a while since I have posted and if I’m being honest it’s been a while since I crocheted. I did do a lot of crocheted items for Christmas which usually burns me out for a few months. Here are the Halloween goodies I made for the trick or treaters: I love using…

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Crochet Egg

Crocheting Easter eggs is one alternative to both plastic and real eggs. You could even decorate the eggs with buttons, stickers, etc. This is a great little project for leftover yarn. I didn’t create a pattern while working this up, but basically start with a base of 6 single crochets in a round either by…

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Monster Egg Cozy

If your family is like ours, then you have plenty of plastic eggs lying around the house. After Easter, these plastic eggs take up space and while you can reuse the plastic eggs in useful ways, you can also craft with them. This is my monster egg cozy. Isn’t he adorable? He is very easy…

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Summer Food Amigurumi

Summer is in full swing here. I had a request from my daughter for some small ice cream treats. She made a menu of crazy food items like tuna cream, sunny delight, and other wild stuff that was ice cream. So I made a few little items for her to complete her ice cream shop….

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What do you get when you cross a cake with a pie? a pake, of course. That is what Stacy – from Lifetime’s TV show “Drop Dead Diva” came up with. She even had a pakery for a while before selling it. The concept of the pake just begged to be crocheted, so I made…

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Crochet Apple

Last year I crocheted my daughter an apple as a teacher’s gift. It went over so well that I decided to make one this year for her new teacher. So I guess it is now a tradition, huh? I use PlanetJune’s free crochet apple pattern that works up really quick and turns out great. I…

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The Carrot Family

This week the daughter is learning all about the letter V in school. For a family project, we could make a vegetable visitor that she can bring to class. Rae wanted a carrot – so I crocheted her one which she liked but though was lonely. I crocheted another one, and then the pair needed…

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