On Craftster.org, they had a Mario Bros. swap so naturally I just had to sign up for it. My partner’s favorite characters were Princess Peach and Yoshi. After creating Peach, my daughter wanted one and I decided the first one was too big. I made another one for the swap and then a third one for Rae. Each one is smaller than the previous one.


And here is Yoshi that was harder than expected. It was after I created him that I decided to redo Peach. Yoshi wasn’t hard to crochet. He just involved a lot of sewing.


I didn’t have a pattern for Yoshi but he was mostly worked in rounds. The eye sockets were the trickiest since I did a half-fan stitch(about 3 single crochets) to create a half rounded eye socket. If I can do it again, then I will write up a pattern since that was definitely the most tricky part of the whole project.

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  • Melody

    My grandkids are crazy about Mario. Did you make a pattern for Yoshi and Princess Peace?

    Thank you,

    The Nana (Melody)

  • admin

    I hope to. Princess Peach I pretty much remember since I made three but Yoshi might be more of a challenge. But I’m wanting to make a pink Yoshi so I’ll have to take notes to make the pattern.

  • Thanks for an idea, you sparked at idea from a concept I hadn’t given thoguht to before . Now lets see if I can do something productive with it.

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