Summer Food Amigurumi

June 24, 2014
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Summer is in full swing here. I had a request from my daughter for some small ice cream treats. She made a menu of crazy food items like tuna cream, sunny delight, and other wild stuff that was ice cream. So I made a few little items for her to complete her ice cream shop. […]

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February 28, 2014
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What do you get when you cross a cake with a pie? a pake, of course. That is what Stacy – from Lifetime’s TV show “Drop Dead Diva” came up with. She even had a pakery for a while before selling it. The concept of the pake just begged to be crocheted, so I made […]

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Halloween Monsters

November 1, 2013

For Halloween, I decided to make a little treat for trick or treaters stopping by. These little monsters are done in the round -increasing until 24 stitches starting with six in a magic ring. A few even rounds and then I started the decrease. The first decrease round I did in the back loops so […]

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Amigurumi Gods Wood Tree

October 14, 2013

I love Game of Thrones so much that I wanted to create something in crochet to remind me of the show. Since it takes me forever to come up with crochet patterns, I decided to use an existing one in the book Amigurumi Toy Box by Ana Paula Rimoli as a starting point. She has […]

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Crochet Apple

June 23, 2013
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Last year I crocheted my daughter an apple as a teacher’s gift. It went over so well that I decided to make one this year for her new teacher. So I guess it is now a tradition, huh? I use PlanetJune’s free crochet apple pattern that works up really quick and turns out great. I […]

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Pink Beholder

December 22, 2012

This was a request from my daughter – a pink beholder with eyelashes. I used some fun fur for eyelashes. It was multi-colored but that seems to help this clearly girly beholder look even more girlier. She was happy with it so that is all that matters.

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Choosing Amigurumi Yarn

August 9, 2010
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One trip down the yarn aisle of your local hobby store will reveal that there are a lot of yarns on the market. A lot of yarns are suitable for amigurumi. Generally you want to stay with a medium worsted weight yarn. Bulky yarn may not produce what you were hoping from your amigurumi. Light […]

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August 4, 2010

I made these two minions from Despicable me for my nephews. It was their birthday and I had gotten them gift cards. I thought it’d be cute to have the minions ‘hold’ them since we saw the movie a few weeks ago. I’m working on a pattern that hopefully I will post later this week. […]

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Red Lions

September 3, 2009

I believe that if you can dream it, you can crochet it. Take these red lions. My daughter decided she wanted a red lion, so I made the bigger one. She told me it was too big. She loves small things. I tried again and made it smaller. She was well pleased with the smaller […]

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September 2, 2009
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My daughter loves Spongebob Squarepants so this hamburger is inspired by the Krabby Patty. There’s really no pattern. Most of the food is worked in rounds except for the cheese which is more of a granny square. I put in a few extra single crochets into the last round of the lettuce to make it […]

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