Christmas Aftermath

February 6, 2017

I got a wild idea about the middle of November to make everyone crochet beanies for Christmas. I had just had surgery in October and was home recovering thinking I had plenty of time. I compiled my list of hats I needed to make. There were over 50 names on that list and with a […]

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Crochet Organization

August 28, 2016

For the rest of 2016, our family theme is organization as we are looking to move in a year we need to take care of our clutter. Since we will be knee deep in stuff we might as well organize it. I mean seriously organize it like put stuff in boxes, writing down was in […]

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Christmas Crochet

December 28, 2015

My Christmas crochet can best be described by one word: fast. I chose to give cup cozies because I waited too long to crochet anything else. It saddens me especially when I know that some really enjoy the gifts I make. Next year I plan to be more on the ball. I see why my […]

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Crochet in The Hobbit

January 14, 2013

After nearly a month after its release, we finally watched ‘The Hobbit.’ I have to admit that my husband was more interested in seeing this movie than I was. But I loved it, bought the book, and now can’t wait to see it again! Also crochet is mentioned! How cool is that? The dwarves have […]

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Hooks as Props

December 23, 2012

Note to self: When daughter asks to borrow your crochet hooks, you may want to ask why. Good to know that if I ever stop crocheting(HIGHLY Unlikely! 🙂 ) that my hooks can be used as stuffed animal props. I’m guessing these are ski poles or maybe the walking power sticks that Phil had on […]

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Kitchen Towel Holder

November 26, 2012

Here is an easy project that makes for a great Christmas gift. It’s a crocheted kitchen towel holder. This is very simple. Just start with a chain of however long you desire the holder to be – probably around 12 inches. Then do a row of double crochet to the beginning. Then chain two and […]

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Christmas Wreath

December 11, 2011

I had wanted to make a crochet Christmas wreath since I had seen one in Crochet Today. They had taken a styrofoam wreath and placed crochet roses on it. It was cute but I could never find a styrofoam wreath. I did find a yarn wreath at the thrift store. It had some decorations on […]

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I’d rather be crocheting

November 16, 2011

Although the weather is very warm lately, I have been in a crocheting mood – which is a good thing since Christmas is coming very fast. I love to crochet when it is cold outside. The yarn between my fingers just feels so cozy and nice. I enjoy crocheting for Christmas since it I crochet […]

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Biffer Shrug

August 4, 2011

While on Ravelry a few weeks ago, I found a pattern for called biffer shrug. It’s a crocheted pad for your Swiffer. It crochets up pretty fast. I finished mine in a couple of hours spread over two days. Now I have no more excuses for not cleaning my floors. I can’t wait to try […]

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Crocheting for the Girl

July 11, 2011

Most of my crochet projects wind up in the possession of my five year old daughter. Every time I start a project, her first question is, “Who is that for?” So, usually my first attempt at a toy pattern goes to her. Then I work on the gift one. I finished her a Hello Kitty […]

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