I Love Yarn Day

October 12, 2012

To celebrate I Love Yarn Day, I bought yarn! Not much though. Just one skein. In Mango for Halloween and other amigurumi. Kind of fitting that it’s the With Love brand from Red Heart.

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Yarn Stash

January 3, 2012

A popular 2012 resolution for crocheters seems to be working from their yarn stash. My yarn stash is vast and really needs to be used. When I first started crocheting again, I would buy yarn on sale but I might only buy one skein of a color. Now I know better. I at least buy […]

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Christmas Yarn

October 28, 2011

Yesterday was a treat for me. We went to Michael’s. It seems like ages since I have been there. With me working now, I find I shop way less – which is sad since I now have more money. My yarn stash is full – so I made a vow to clean it out before […]

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I Love Yarn Day

October 14, 2011

Today is I Love Yarn Day. I do love yarn, so I have been waiting for this day. Well to me, every day is I Love Yarn Day but today I will make it a point to crochet something – maybe even buy some yarn. I have slacked up on yarn buying in hopes that […]

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Crocheting with Feathers

September 16, 2011

While browsing the craft section a few weeks ago, I picked up a pack of feathers thinking that I could certainly find a use for them. I had thought about the feathers in your hair popular trend but with a crochet twist. Maybe adding flowers to a crocheted barette or something along those lines. Last […]

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Yarn Bits and Failed Projects

December 31, 2010

I have found a great way to recycle yarn. Some projects start out really on track and then just fall off it somehow. So, I’m left with half-finished projects that I can’t bear to throw away and unraveling seems pointless since it is such a small amount of yarn. Since winter has arrived, I have […]

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Choosing Amigurumi Yarn

August 9, 2010
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One trip down the yarn aisle of your local hobby store will reveal that there are a lot of yarns on the market. A lot of yarns are suitable for amigurumi. Generally you want to stay with a medium worsted weight yarn. Bulky yarn may not produce what you were hoping from your amigurumi. Light […]

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