A popular 2012 resolution for crocheters seems to be working from their yarn stash. My yarn stash is vast and really needs to be used. When I first started crocheting again, I would buy yarn on sale but I might only buy one skein of a color. Now I know better. I at least buy two so that I can make a scarf or something with it.

Since my stash has gotten so large, I try to use what I have for projects although that doesn’t always work. I may need a certain color and have to buy some yarn only to use half a skein for a project. Now I have half a skein to add to the stash. So my yarn stash goes and also becomes harder to use in projects.

For amigurumi, a half skein works well since you really don’t need a lot of yarn for small toys. Still I have way more yarn than I will use this year. I plan to decide just what I will use and donate the rest. It will feel good to have a small yarn stash and just buy yarn for projects again.