While browsing the craft section a few weeks ago, I picked up a pack of feathers thinking that I could certainly find a use for them. I had thought about the feathers in your hair popular trend but with a crochet twist. Maybe adding flowers to a crocheted barette or something along those lines.

Last night I was working on a chicken for my daughter when I decided to try crochet with feathers to make the wings. I laid the feather across the stitches and then stitched around them. So I was using yarn for the stitches. The idea was that the feathers would stay in place better if done while completing the stitch.

My first attempt did not come out as expected. I should have used feathers on just one round instead of trying it one two or three. Less feathers would definitely had been easier. Also feathers are pretty delicate and working with more than two is difficult. I think I broke all but one trying to get the others shaped on the crocheted piece.

So I’ve learned a few things that I will apply when I try to crochet with feathers again. Of course my daughter commented that yarn wings were fine, so I may not have much motivation.