Yesterday was a treat for me. We went to Michael’s. It seems like ages since I have been there. With me working now, I find I shop way less – which is sad since I now have more money. My yarn stash is full – so I made a vow to clean it out before I buy any more.

I did buy two skeins yesterday. One was for an amigurumi for my daughter. I couldn’t believe I didn’t have the color I needed. The other skein was to make apples for teacher Christmas gifts. My daughter’s teacher loved The Carrot Famiy so I hope the she will like an amigurumi apple.

Usually if I am yarn browsing, I prefer Hobby Lobby. Those rows and rows of yarn just lift my spirits. Surprisingly our Michael’s was well stocked with yarn this visit. They had plent of new Christmas yarn – much of it from Martha Stewart. Some didn’t look very yarn-like. I’m sure she has a craft book full of ideas how to use this yarn that didn’t seem it would last a few rounds. There was some pom-pom yarn for Christmas that I would love to try but not so sure about using the Christmas colors. I have so much to do already that I would never finish a Christmas throw – although maybe I will work on it in 2012 for next Christmas.

Still it was fun to look at the new yarn. I may have to sneak in a trip this weekend and marvel at it one more time.