I have found a great way to recycle yarn. Some projects start out really on track and then just fall off it somehow. So, I’m left with half-finished projects that I can’t bear to throw away and unraveling seems pointless since it is such a small amount of yarn.

Since winter has arrived, I have been worried about our gerbils keeping warm. I tossed a discarded crochet project into their cage and they immediately went to town on it.

They immediately began chewing and unraveling the yarn – making it into a nice, warm den. Now when I clean out their cage, I just toss another discarded project into the cage. They enjoy having something to chew on and to keep them warm. Plus it’s free compared to buying soft bedding at the pet store. I have plenty of small, unfinished projects and plenty of yarn. It is nice to see those projects finally get some use.