It doesn’t take long for charging cords to become a tangled mess. I got tired of digging through a mountain of cords and unraveling them all to find the one I needed. In the past, I had used a piece of yarn to keep cords together but decided to upgrade that idea with something that was easier to re-use.

Yarn Charing Cord Wrangler

Simple Charging Cord Wrangler Pattern

Needed: Small amount of worsted yarn weighted 3. I used cotton yarn.
Hook: 3mm
Optional: one bead that you can string onto the yarn

  1. String the bead onto the yarn.
  2. Chain 30.
  3. Slip stitch into 2nd chain from hook after the bead placement.
  4. Slip sitch into the next 26 leaving the last two chains.
  5. Chain two then slip stitch into last stich making a small hole for the bead to slip through when using the cord. You may want to check the size of the hole to make the sure the bead slips through easily. if not then you may need to adjust the hole size.
  6. Finish off by cutting the yarn and bring the yarn through the chain on the hook. Weave in the ends if desired.

The bead is mainly a way to make it easier to thread one end of the yarn into the hole. If you don’t have a bead then you can just use the end of the yarn.