Here is an easy project that makes for a great Christmas gift. It’s a crocheted kitchen towel holder. This is very simple. Just start with a chain of however long you desire the holder to be – probably around 12 inches. Then do a row of double crochet to the beginning. Then chain two and do one more row of double crochet.

You can sew a button on one end to make it attachable to a handle or do what I did. On the second row with about 15 DC to go, chain two and skip one double crochet. Then double crochet until the last two of the row. Chain two and skip the next to last DC and double crochet into the last DC of the row.

Then you can loop the other end through the two holes like a belt. You can attach it to a handle without worrying with a button. It works well. You might even consider stitching together the threading end to make it more compact and easier to thread through the holes.

It takes a small amount of yarn and can be used with any towel. It would make a great, fast gift.