Now that I’ve been back home for a few weeks, I’m slowly going through everything that I wanted to share of Christmas projects. One of my nieces loves the color purple and her favorite animal is a cow. When I came across this cute cow pattern, I immediately bought it thinking this would be a big hit with her. I was right! I made her one for Christmas. Usually, the first project I make from a pattern is a learning experience since crocheters crochet differently as far as tension and other factors. I used a thicker yarn since I was looking for a certain purple hue.

The First Purple Cow

After my niece received it, I learned another niece loves the color purple and cows. Luckily, this isn’t my first rodeo, and I had bought enough purple yarn to make a second cow. I was able to whip it up faster since I was now familiar with the pattern. I did a tail a little differently and ‘branded’ this one with my niece’s initial.

The second purple cow

I made both of these while traveling for the holidays, so I had to buy some supplies on the road like polyfill. Because of low supply issues, I bought some batting instead of polyfill which was challenging. It’s not as fluffy so the cows aren’t stuffed as much as I would have liked.

The third cow should be smaller – hopefully. I used a larger hook than the pattern called for. The third one will be for me so I will have to decide what color I want. I love this pattern as I learned a few techniques that will make future amigurumi so much easier.