I had wanted to make a crochet Christmas wreath since I had seen one in Crochet Today. They had taken a styrofoam wreath and placed crochet roses on it. It was cute but I could never find a styrofoam wreath. I did find a yarn wreath at the thrift store. It had some decorations on it that I took off. I made some of the crochet roses and an Irish rose for the top center. I did some simple chains for added decorations.

It turned out better than I expected. I really was pleased to find a yarn wreath since it makes a great base for this project. The yarn wreath has a wire clothes hanger as its base. You then tie looped yarn(like how you might make a pom pom) around it until you have it full. It is time consuming but does make for a pretty wreath. Glad I found mine secondhand though.

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