For Sunday School, I wanted a safe Advent wreath to show the kids. The are pre-schoolers, so I wasn’t wild about using real candles. While Christmas shopping, I found some flameless tea lights that look like a candle burning. They were all white but I knew I could add the Advent colors to the lights somehow. I first thought of ribbon but had yarn on hand – so I made some tea light cozies instead.

I started by chaining eight and then joining to make a circle for the ‘flame’ to fit though. Then I just did an increase round until the piece fit over the top and from there I did a few even rows – even to cover the base. It worked up pretty fast. I think the kids have enjoyed being able to ‘light’ the candles for the Advent wreath and also play with the tea lights. The tea lights were a bargain – 10 for $6 plus ten batteries. Each tea light already had a battery so they were sold with extras. So I can see this Advent wreath lasting for years to come.