Although the weather is very warm lately, I have been in a crocheting mood – which is a good thing since Christmas is coming very fast. I love to crochet when it is cold outside. The yarn between my fingers just feels so cozy and nice. I enjoy crocheting for Christmas since it I crochet for others and it gives me a deadline. Sometimes without a strict deadline projects never get finished.

This week I am working on a few small crochet projects for Christmas. Might as well get those out of the way and then I need to decide on hat patterns. I’d like to do a few hats but really have to decide which patterns would be best for my yarn. If only there was a program that would show you the finish product – kind of like the hair style computer programs that show what a certain style would look like on you. Using the right yarn is so important to getting the right results.

It is nice to be back regularly crocheting. Now let’s hope I can finish all these projects for Christmas.