After nearly a month after its release, we finally watched ‘The Hobbit.’ I have to admit that my husband was more interested in seeing this movie than I was. But I loved it, bought the book, and now can’t wait to see it again!

Also crochet is mentioned! How cool is that? The dwarves have gathered at Bilbo’s home and one is looking for a handkerchief when he grabs a doily. Bilbo takes it from him and tells him it isn’t a handkerchief but crochet(it has holes in it, it’s crochet) – to which the dwarf misunderstands thinks he says croquet and how he likes the sport.

Also Gandalf has some really cute knitted wrist warmers. They look to be garter stitch so I may try to knook a pair since I have no trouble with the garter stitch.

Anyway, a fun movie with a crochet reference! What could be better?