My child loves the amigurumi toys that I make. In fact, she gets pretty disappointed if I am making something that isn’t meant for her. This makes my hobby business model a little more challenging if I can never make anything to sell.

Right now I am working on a dragon that has been in my Ravelry queue for three years. I decided that I would do it as part of a challenge on one of the Ravelry boards. I’m about half-way done but the girl has decided that I need to make four dragon babies plus their beds and a few other accessories. The good news is that I was working on a back leg that she thinks is the perfect size for the babies, so hopefully they will work up really fast. She wanted me to finish last night but it’s just impossible for me to stay awake past 9pm these days. I will be so glad when we are in the school routine.

So hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have the dragon and four babies done along with beds. Whew! My hand is cramping just thinking about it.