Cupcake Candle Money Holder

It’s so nice to crochet a little something that makes a money gift special. My daughter has hit the age where she is extremely hard to buy for and so are her friends. When she was invited to a birthday party, I knew the go-to-gift would be money but wanted to present it in a fun way. I found a free cupcake pattern since cupcakes were a theme of the party and just added a candle on top to hold the money. Quick and easy and so adorably cute.

Cupcake Money Holder Yarn Candle

Yarn needed: any color for candle, yellow and orange for the flame.

Hook: Use the same size used for the cupcake pattern (cupcake pattern not provided)


  1. Start with magic ring or alternatively, chain two

2. SC 6 into a magic ring or SC 6 into the second chain from hook (if starting with chain two method)

2. SC in the round until you reach the desired candle height. I did mine so the money would be noticeable.

Back side of candle


  1. With orange yarn, start with a magic ring and SC 4 into it. Switch to yellow yarn. Alternatively, you can start with a CH 2 and SC 4 into the second chain from the hook.

2. In the round, 2sc into the next stitch, 2hdc into the next stitch, picot stitch(chain 4, slip stitch into the first chain), 2 hdc into the next stitch, 2sc into the next stitch. Sl stitch, cut, and finish off.