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Month: December 2010

Yarn Bits and Failed Projects

I have found a great way to recycle yarn. Some projects start out really on track and then just fall off it somehow. So, I’m left with half-finished projects that I can’t bear to throw away and unraveling seems pointless since it is such a small amount of yarn.

Since winter has arrived, I have been worried about our gerbils keeping warm. I tossed a discarded crochet project into their cage and they immediately went to town on it.

They immediately began chewing and unraveling the yarn – making it into a nice, warm den. Now when I clean out their cage, I just toss another discarded project into the cage. They enjoy having something to chew on and to keep them warm. Plus it’s free compared to buying soft bedding at the pet store. I have plenty of small, unfinished projects and plenty of yarn. It is nice to see those projects finally get some use.

Christmas Gifts

Look what my husband got me for Christmas. He decided to play it safe and went with items from my Amazon wish list. I love that they are all yarn related.

I love the Clover crochet hooks and have been wanting more since I bought one a few months back. A Good Yarn has been on my reading list since I first heard about it. And then I wanted June Gilbank’s book on Amigurumi since before it came out.

So a very good Christmas I would say. I need to use some of my yarn so that I can start buying more. Maybe next year will be a yarn Christmas.

2011 Goals

One of my goals for 2011 is to sell crochet at at least one craft fair. The first fair in our area is in May. I have a list of what I want to sell. Now I just have to make it. I really don’t expect to sell much. I think it will be fun to make a little yarn money. I just want a creative outlet with a goal. Selling at a craft fair will provide both.

I plan on sticking with small items that hopefully I will also have for sale here at Crochet Mae. I’m working on getting a shop up and running. I may even list a few things on eBay and Etsy. I definitely want to crochet more in the New Year. I have a lot of yarn, ideas, and patterns.

Crochet for Christmas

This year I scaled back my crochet projects for Christmas. I just could not get in the mood to crochet much. A few chapstick holders and a couple of cup cozies is all I did this year. I am working on a baby blanket that I hope to finish by the time the baby arrives in spring.

At least this year I’m not burned out on crochet. I just tried to do too much in a small amount of time. This year I had smaller goals but about the same time to accomplish them. In January, I really need to plan for next Christmas. My grandmother used to do this with her crochet. She would plan what she wanted to give and then work on it throughout the year. It would definitely give a fall-back project when I complete something and still want to crochet. I can just pick up a Christmas gift.

So next year maybe I will be more on top of my crocheting. It just takes some planning – which is not my strong suit but something I want to work on.

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