Most of my crochet projects wind up in the possession of my five year old daughter. Every time I start a project, her first question is, “Who is that for?” So, usually my first attempt at a toy pattern goes to her. Then I work on the gift one.

I finished her a Hello Kitty complete with a dress. It was around 9pm when I finished the dress and placed it on the crocheted kitty. My daughter promptly took it off and said that Hello Kitty needed pajamas and didn’t wish to sleep in her dress. The next night I worked on some pajamas that look more like a swimsuit. Now her next request is high heels for Hello Kitty – so that will be tonight’s challenge.

It is nice to be in demand especially when I’m at a lull in crochet projects. I have plenty I want to do but no motivation to start any of them. At least crocheting for my daughter will give me something to do while my mind decides which crochet project to tackle next.