It’s a new year and one project that I have been wanting to do is a temperature blanket. The basic idea behind the temperature blanket is that you create a color legend for a range of temperatures assigning a certain color for each one. Then you track the temperature each day for a year and crochet one row in the color that represents the range that the temperature falls into.

Since a blanket is a large project and – quite honestly – we have enough blankets, I decided to modify it to a scarf. And as an added level of complexity, I plan to knit it. I’ve knitted a dishcloth before and that’s about it, so this will be a fun project to get some knitting practice.

My yarn of choice is Bamboo Pop because I love how soft it is. I also wanted to use a thinner yarn since I am not making a blanket. Bamboo Pop is a blend of cotton and bamboo.

I am keeping track of the high temperature in a spreadsheet since I plan to knit the rows once a month. I created a table that matches the temperature with the yarn color. Using the spreadsheet function VLOOKUP I made a formula that will auto-populate the color with the high temp.

Here is the color key for the temperature scarf –

Temperature Scarf Key using Bamboo Pop yarn colors

Here are the yarn colors for each temperature range –

0-10 degreespurple
11-20 degreesgrape
21-30 degreesocean
31-40 degreesturquoise
41-50 degreesblue whisper
51-60 degreeslime green
61-70 degreessunny
71-80 degreesmarmalade
81-90 degreessuper pink
91-100 degreesRose
101-110 degreestrue red
Table with Bamboo Pop yarn names

A monthly update will happen on the first Friday of the month.