Here it is Black Friday. I went to two stores for Black Friday: the local gaming store and the local yarn store. These are my two favorite places to shop. This year we are giving games as gifts or I am crocheting a gift. It feels so good to have a plan and not stress about gift buying.

While at the favorite local yarn store, there was a couple in there that were chatting it up with the woman working there. Both the people – a man and woman – knitted. She bought her yarn and then he bought his – so they may not have been together but just shopping together. Anyway the guy mentions that he knits to relieve stress which is ironic to me because knitting raises my stress level. That’s why I crochet. He mentioned that his male cousin also crochets, too and he would have to bring him by if he came in for the holidays.

Then another gentlemen stopped by because he didn’t know the yarn store existed. He was on a service call but his wife crochets and had been looking for a yarn store. So he got their information to give to her and said she would probably be in that day or the next.

I absolutely love both of these stories. I love hearing people talk about their love of fiber arts or people being supportive of their loved ones. My favorite local yarn store is awesome so I’m always glad to be in there and know new people are constantly coming into the store.

Yarn is cheaper than therapy and knowing others find joy in fiber means they will stay in business for a long time.