So about a month ago, I organized my yarn and crochet hooks. I went through the yarn and gave away a lot of it that I will not be using either because I don’t like it or that there isn’t enough of it for a project. The remaining yarn I placed in a large tote and made a label for it. That way at a glance I could tell what was in the tote.

About a week passed and I was inspired to start a crochet project – trouble was I could not remember where I put the tote or what I had done with the yarn. It was maddening. Also I could not find any crochet hooks. Most of my crochet hooks are in a cigarette case holder that I found at the thrift store for 50 cents. It is the perfect length for crochet hooks and a lot will fit into it. Plus I remember my grandmother had a case like this for her cigarette packs and lighter. I always loved it but I have never smoked – so it would be silly to have a case for something I do not use. But now the case has purpose in my life thanks for crochet.

So I could not find this case anywhere. I looked with the craft supplies – knowing I had put is somewhere but drawing a blank as to where that somewhere could be. A few weeks passed and I still do not know where I put my yarn or my crochet hooks. I did a sweep through storage and did not find a storage box. I was about ready to go buy some more hooks and a skein of yarn just so that I could crochet to take away my frustrations.

Well a few days ago, I am rummaging through some items I had put back to sell at a consignment sale when I find my tub of yarn – on my dresser. Man I felt dumb. Had it been a snake – well you know the rest. I was right in front of my face the whole time! However, the tub of yarn did not have the crochet hooks. So now the yarn was taunting me because I knew where it was but not a hook in sight. Last night I remembered that I had placed some yarn in a yarn basket. When I checked there I found my case of crochet hooks. Glory be!

So now that I know where my yarn and hooks are I can get started on the several crochet projects that are swimming around in my head. I usually crochet less in the summer because it is so hot and the yarn is so warm. But this year I may try to do more since I did so little this winter. I miss it and am ready to create something with yarn.