March is National Crochet Month! Oh how to celebrate? Well I plan to crochet all month long! Last night I picked up my hook and yarn to do a few more rounds on a cute alligator. I’m just free-handing it but it is finally taking shape. I was inspired by Swamp People(excellent TV show on History channel) to make a gator. Mine will be tiny compared to the real thing. Hopefully I will be done in a few days and will finish up some other crochet projects.

Maybe National Crochet Month is exactly what I need to get back into crocheting more. I used to look forward to crocheting every day. I still want to crochet but just seems life has gotten very busy. Working full-time outside the home is bringing me down. There just isn’t the time at home to do all that needs to be done.

So many crochet projects, so little time! Maybe National Crochet Month will help me set my priorities. Crochet has to be one of them.