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Ami Horse


The Christmas celebrations have begun so I can start sharing some of my latest crochet projects. Here is a cute little horse inspired by one that I saw on Ravelry. I didn’t want to follow the pattern because I get lost when following some patterns and find that I frog way less if I just wing it.

It turned out really cute. In fact I may have to make me one.

Amigurumi Girl


Here is my latest amigurumi. She’s just a little doll because I wanted to practice making the head and body for some other projects. Her yarn hair turned out pretty good and a lot better than my first attempt. I think I actually might be improving on making these amigurumis.

Zombie Cheerleader


Two..four..six..eight..who do we appreciate? ZOMBIES! I have finally completed my first zombie amigurumi. I have ideas for several others and hope to get on them as soon as possible but am very pleased with this cute little thing. She turned out almost as I had envisioned. I had wanted to do a more authentic pleated skirt but decided to try a ruffle crochet which is pretty cute and takes all of five minutes compared to a sewed skirt that would take a lot longer.

Halloween Cthulhu


My husband wanted an orange/black Cthulhu for Halloween. Here he is. I used cotton yarn which doesn’t work as well for amigurumi as acrylic yarn in my opinion. My yarn also kept splitting since I was using such a small hook. Very frustrating but worth it. He is a cute fella(Cthulhu AND my husband that is! 🙂 ).

Farm Town Amigurumi

I admit that I enjoy the Facebook game Farm Town a little too much. It’s easy and a lot of fun to play. I get so excited when I level to see what wonderful items I’ve unlocked. I decided that I should make my Farm Town farmer in yarn through crochet. So here is my Farm Town amigurumi.


She turned out pretty good and I would like to make another one since the first of anything I make always seems to be a learning experience.

Mario Inspired Amigurumi

On, they had a Mario Bros. swap so naturally I just had to sign up for it. My partner’s favorite characters were Princess Peach and Yoshi. After creating Peach, my daughter wanted one and I decided the first one was too big. I made another one for the swap and then a third one for Rae. Each one is smaller than the previous one.


And here is Yoshi that was harder than expected. It was after I created him that I decided to redo Peach. Yoshi wasn’t hard to crochet. He just involved a lot of sewing.


I didn’t have a pattern for Yoshi but he was mostly worked in rounds. The eye sockets were the trickiest since I did a half-fan stitch(about 3 single crochets) to create a half rounded eye socket. If I can do it again, then I will write up a pattern since that was definitely the most tricky part of the whole project.


When I first started crocheting again last summer, I attempted to make a Cthulhu for him since he is a gamer. My attempt failed and I gave up. I recently bought Creepy Cute Crochet that has a Cthulhu pattern. I gave it a try and with some minor changes came up with this little monster.


It feels really good to finally complete something that I had set out to make over a year ago. I deviated from the pattern with the tentacles since my husband preferred this look to the one in the pattern.

Red Lions


I believe that if you can dream it, you can crochet it. Take these red lions. My daughter decided she wanted a red lion, so I made the bigger one. She told me it was too big. She loves small things. I tried again and made it smaller. She was well pleased with the smaller one but also played with the larger one, too.

The body is worked in continuous rounds while the mane was the harder part(but not really hard to do). I just had to add more stitches to make it fan out. I might have used the shell stitch or because of the size I probably just did three single crochet to a stitch, skip one, repeat.