For 2022, I wanted to do a temperature scarf by taking the high temperature from each day in 2022 and then knitting a row in a certain color to represent that temperature range. The first roadblock is that I’m not a knitter but thought this might be a good opportunity to learn. The second road block was that I live in Texas and maybe need a scarf at most seven days in a year. So there just wasn’t much motivation to do this project. But I did keep track of the temperatures and since I have all that data I have pivoted it to make a snake.

I changed out the yarn I’m using from Bamboo Pop to Hobby Lobby mini maker since it comes in such vibrant colors. I’m also making a small snake similar to these in size:

Crocheted Snakes hanging out on the back of the couch
Crocheted Snakes

Here is my color key chart I will be using:

Color key chart

I broke out the 90s temps since there are so many days that are above 90. The bottom section is a key for which temperature is set to which color. Purple covers about 20 or so degrees and will be used very little. I did this table because I’m using a spreadsheet function called VLOOKUP to automatically fill in the color into the spreadsheet when I type in the high temperature.

High-Temperature Chart

I added the row of colors by hand although I might have done a VLOOKUP for that row as well.

I haven’t started just yet on the snake but plan to just freehand the pattern as I did for the snakes in the picture. I’m thinking of going either 18-24 stitches in the round so not very large and hope to display it on a bookshelf.

More updates to come!