This year I have been working on Halloween goodies to give trick-or-treaters. Usually I make some small amigurumis to give out with candy, making around 20 items. This year we are in a larger neighborhood, so my goal is to have 100 small items to pass out with candy.

When choosing to make a Halloween goodie, I keep it limited to pieces that can be done in one continuous piece – hence no sewing pieces like arms or legs. Next year I’m planning on branching out from this constraint.

I’ve been busy making Octopuses – so far I have made around 30. They are all different sizes and colors. At first I was sticking to cotton yarn but now I’m using whatever is in my stash that I need to clear out. They do not take that much yarn to make, so it’s the perfect project for leftover yarn.

Pattern to come! It’s super easy and with all the legs done in the round, it is very quick to whip up.