Here it is almost the middle of September. Wow. The holidays are nearly here and with that comes a lot of crocheting.

I have two main projects each fall. First there is Halloween goodies for the trick or treaters. Second is Christmas hats which has grown from when I first started it. This year I am making more hats than ever. It should be fun but hope to finish early as I am usually making hats on the road. It’s one holiday tradition I’d really like to skip this year.

If crochet had a season then fall would definitely be it. I crochet more this time of year and there are some great yarn events around town. There’s a yarn crawl in October followed by a fiber festival in November. Not to mention that the weather starts to change so having that warm yarn wrapped around my fingers is nice and cozy.

For my Halloween crochet project, I am crocheting fruit. I remember trick or treating and hating getting fruit(now no one would ever give out anything not wrapped for sure!), so I decided to hand out fruit kids would like. I’ve just really started but am having a lot of fun since the fruit works up pretty fast. Sewing the eyes on will not be as fast I am sure of it. My goal is to make at least 25 and pray that is enough as the number of kids in the neighborhood has been slowly on the rise.

Between the hats and the fruit plus a one-off-must-make-this-now project that will be my holiday crocheting. What will be on your hook for the next few months?