Rae was invited to a Princess party which inspired me to crochet a crown. After finding some great patterns on Ravelry, I decided to go a different route and create my own. I wanted to do a crown that Rae would recognize, so I chose Princess Peach. It’s missing the jewels which we think we have something somewhere around here that will work for it. We have yet to find them but haven’t given up.

I used a plain plastic headband and single crocheted around it to make a base. I’m not sure how many stitches I did. My goal was to cover the top of the headband. I then created the crowns with a single crochet in one stitch, followed by a half-double, then a double, then a treble. After the treble, I chained two and did a treble in the same stitch. Then I did a double in the next, followed by a half-double in the next stitch, followed by a single. I might have use a slip stitch next.

When working on it, I hadn’t planned on writing up a pattern but might do so. I think this would be a cute party favor especially since Rae has now expressed interest in having her own princess party. If I use it for her party then I need a prince crown since Rae has a lot of boy cousins.