It is safe to say that I have more crochet projects that I doubt I will ever finish them all, but it is so much fun to browse patterns. For quite some time, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of writing crochet patterns. I have written a few but that’s about it. But I have ideas. Lots of ideas. So to keep track of my ideas and projects I started a crochet notebook.

For my notebook I use a composition notebook that has grid paper since I draw out my ideas. It just helps me work out those details of the design. I was ambitious and thought I will fill a notebook yearly but here it is three years later and I am still have plenty of pages in that first notebook.

There is nothing I like better than notebooks, journals, and sketchbooks. I can’t resist buying one even though I have plenty. I did resist buying this one I saw at Hobby Lobby that is actually for crochet projects:

I do like this type of notebook that uses discs instead of wire. So it’s really tempting on several levels. But since I already have an established crochet notebook I couldn’t reason with myself why I would really need it. It did serve as a good reminder that I do have a notebook where I keep crochet ideas and maybe I should periodically revisit it and actually make progress.

Besides a notebook I used Google Drive a lot to capture crochet ideas. But I do admit there is nothing like pen and paper to get ideas out and to make them seem valid if that makes sense. Maybe the act of writing it on paper and it’s semi-permanent(if you use a pencil you can always erase) that gives it more substance that just something digital that I could easily delete.

How do you keep up with your crochet projects and crochet ideas?

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