So in September, I made a list of what I wanted to do to get ready for Christmas. It included about 1/4 of the gifts I wanted to make for December. Unfortunately I got very little of my list finished. Now I need to add to the list and make up my September goals.

I want to crochet four hats – that is only one a week. I also want to do a few small projects like chapstitck holders and hair bows. I want to make the hair bows in various shapes like a ladybug, flowers, etc. I still want to work on a few items for Etsy. I’ve never given it a try but would like to. It just seems I have a lot to do and time to do it. I just lack something – motivation? I have never been good at finishing projects. While some people find great joy in finishing something, I feel a little sad. I guess there is the letdown of being done with it and figuring out what to do next. I also hate to make plans. This is problematic since I really need to do some planning since it helps me stay on track. I just need an attitude adjustment.

I am finishing up some mini Jayne Cobb hats to put in the shop. They make cute Christmas tree ornaments. I’d also like to do a few more crochet ornaments. I really like small projects since I have such a hard time finishing larger ones. Hopefully I can get my hook in gear and get some Christmas projects knocked out this month. I hate waiting til the last minute although that is usually what happens.