For her birthday, I am going to make my daughter a Princess Peach rug. I was inspired by a Craftster who did a 7-foot Mario rug for her boyfriend. She used granny squares to represent one pixel. I plan to use smaller granny squares that are only two rounds. They are about 2 inches, so the Princess Peach rug will be roughly 3-foot by 6-foot. She will take up a lot of floor space in the girl’s small room.

I hope to have it finished by her birthday which is in early October. I charted out the design and counted how many of each color squares I will need. Now I just need to figure out how many I need to do each day for about three weeks. That will give me a few weeks to put it all together. So far I’m getting at least 10 squares done a day. I need to work on the design since I’m using yarn from my stash. I am short about 60 pink squares. I have other shades of pink, so I will have to work those in somewhere. It should be interesting. Hopefully the girl will like it. If not, then I may just put it in our room.