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Monster Egg Cozy

If your family is like ours, then you have plenty of plastic eggs lying around the house. After Easter, these plastic eggs take up space and while you can reuse the plastic eggs in useful ways, you can also craft with them.

This is my monster egg cozy. Isn’t he adorable? He is very easy to make. Just choose some yarn, crochet hook around 3.0 mm, and then chain two.

Single crochet six times into the first chain.(6)

Then for the next round, put two single crochet into the first single crochet, then a single crochet into the next two single crochets. Then place two single crochets into the next single crochet. Then place a single crochet into the remaining two single crochets for this round.(8)

Do an even round where you just place a single crochet into each single crochet.(8)

The next round will be an increase round where you place two single crochets into the first single crochet of the round followed by three single crochets. Next will be two single crochets into the next single crochet. Then single crochets for the rest of the round.(10)

Follow this with an even single crochet row.(10)

One more increase round should get you the size of the egg. If not, keep increasing and checking how your eggs is fitting into the piece. Basically on the increase round, start with an increase single crochet and then place another one about halfway through the round.(12)

Work even single crochets until you cover the egg. Then do a couple of rounds of decreases leaving the bottom large enough so you can place the egg through it comfortably.

I glued a large, googly eye on it and used some fun fur yarn to make some hair. It was a fast, simple project that turned out really cute. It’s a great project for leftover yarn. So dress up those plastic Easter eggs and make them a toy your kids will want to play with anytime of the year.

Bear Lovey


I haven’t made that many pieces for babies. The one finished baby blanket I made took a long time. In fact I finished with literally an hour before the baby shower. My baby booties are usually different sizes. So I just shy away from baby items and just usually buy gifts.

For some reason I decided to make a lovey probably because there are so many awesome patterns out there. This one was for a co-worker. I didn’t use a pattern and felt my bear looks more like a Koala but that is technically a bear, right?

I wasn’t thrilled with it but pleased enough to give it away. I am working on another one but this one from a pattern. We’ll see how it turns out.

Lizard Bookmark Valentines

It’s nice to have a child that appreciates the things I make her. I made her a lizard bookmark from a free gecko pattern. The best thing about this pattern is that it is all one piece. It works up super fast.

My daughter took the bookmark to school where a few kids had expressed an interest in having one. Fast forward to February and I get an idea. I will make lizard bookmarks for everyone in her class.


The biggest challenge was sewing all those eyes and red felt tongues. My daughter wanted to help and completed one. My husband also helped and completed four. So between us all we got all 21 made with a few days to spare before the Valentine’s party.

My daughter picked out some Valentine’s cards and came up with a way to ‘deliver’ each bookmark with the card. The lizards were a big success. It’s kind of cool to think in this day and age of so many toys out there kids can appreciate an enjoy something handmade.

St. Valentine Puppet

In Sunday School, we made these cute St. Valentine’s puppets. It’s simple so it was a perfect craft for pre-schoolers. On the website Catholic Icing, she used black pom poms for a beard – not using white so it wouldn’t look like Santa Claus. I could not find black pom poms, so I improvised as any crafter would – I crocheted a beard.

I started off with a chain of 25 stitches and then single crocheted into each one. I then did a popcorn stitch followed by a chain in every third or fourth single crochet – just to give the beard some fullness. Quick, easy, and cheap since I already had black yarn.

It’s great when crochet can help you out of a jam. Just create what you need when you can’t find it.

Advent Wreath

For Sunday School, I wanted a safe Advent wreath to show the kids. The are pre-schoolers, so I wasn’t wild about using real candles. While Christmas shopping, I found some flameless tea lights that look like a candle burning. They were all white but I knew I could add the Advent colors to the lights somehow. I first thought of ribbon but had yarn on hand – so I made some tea light cozies instead.

I started by chaining eight and then joining to make a circle for the ‘flame’ to fit though. Then I just did an increase round until the piece fit over the top and from there I did a few even rows – even to cover the base. It worked up pretty fast. I think the kids have enjoyed being able to ‘light’ the candles for the Advent wreath and also play with the tea lights. The tea lights were a bargain – 10 for $6 plus ten batteries. Each tea light already had a battery so they were sold with extras. So I can see this Advent wreath lasting for years to come.

The Task Master

My child loves the amigurumi toys that I make. In fact, she gets pretty disappointed if I am making something that isn’t meant for her. This makes my hobby business model a little more challenging if I can never make anything to sell.

Right now I am working on a dragon that has been in my Ravelry queue for three years. I decided that I would do it as part of a challenge on one of the Ravelry boards. I’m about half-way done but the girl has decided that I need to make four dragon babies plus their beds and a few other accessories. The good news is that I was working on a back leg that she thinks is the perfect size for the babies, so hopefully they will work up really fast. She wanted me to finish last night but it’s just impossible for me to stay awake past 9pm these days. I will be so glad when we are in the school routine.

So hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have the dragon and four babies done along with beds. Whew! My hand is cramping just thinking about it.

Mouse Toy

One of the items on my daughter’s Summer list of things to do was to buy a mouse toy for our cat. As we were looking at the mouse cat toys, I decided that I could crochet one just as cute as any of those and save $3-$4. My daughter liked the idea of us making it.

We found a feather in the yard that my daughter wanted to put on the crocheted mouse toy. I just made up a ‘pattern.’ I used cotton yarn and increased each round until I got to around 24 stitches. Then continued to work even rounds for 6 or 7 – then decreased. I added felt ears and embrodiery eyes. I added some small bells to the stuffing – so the mouse jingles. Voila! One cute little mouse.

If the cat doesn’t like it, at least my daughter does!

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Tiny Acorns

I made these for a swap. They were on my partner’s wist although they weren’t in crochet but felt. I used embroidery thread for the body and stuffed them with a chick pea. Stuffing wasn’t going so well. Then I used a ribbon to make an acorn top and attached it to a button. Then I hot glued the button to the top of the acorn. I had made about 10 and then my daughter noticed them. She took about half of them, so I had to make a few more. They didn’t take that long. I just start with a chain 2 and then six single crochet into the second chain from hook. Then a round of 2 single crochet into each stitch. Next an even row of single crochet followed by a decrease of in every three stitches.

They turned out almost nearly what I had hoped. I would have been happier not using the hot glue but not sure how I could attach it to the crochet.

Crochet Iron Man Arc ‘Light’

Last weekend we watched ‘Iron Man 2’ which was an awesome movie. Of course, being a comic book geek, I have enjoyed the majority of movies based on comic books. I also love Robert Downey, Jr. and am so happy that he is Iron Man. In the movie at the Stark Expo, The audience had on flashlights on their hands that resembled Iron Man’s weapon. I thought it’d be cute to crochet it.

I wished I had some glow in the dark yarn because that would have been super cute for the center. Instead, I used some sparkle yarn I bought last Christmas. When I was making this, I used my hand as my guide but as you can see, it’s a little big for a child. Here is the pattern –

Iron Man Arc “light”

What you’ll need –
White yarn
Red Yarn
3.5 Crochet Hook
Yarn Needle

With white yarn, Start with a Magic Ring, Ch 2
6 SC into Magic Ring
Round 2 – 2 SC into each SC from previous round(12)
Round 3- 2 SC into first SC, SC into next one. * 2 SC into next SC, one SC into next* Repeat * until end of round.(18)
Round 4-2 SC into first SC, SC into next two. * 2 SC into next SC, one SC into next 2 SC* Repeat * until end of round.(24)
Fasten Off
With red yarn, join to white.
Round 5 – 2 SC into first SC, SC into next three. * 2 SC into next SC, one SC into next 3 SC* Repeat * until end of round.(30)
Round 6 – 2 SC into first SC, SC into next four. * 2 SC into next SC, one SC into next 4 SC* Repeat * until end of round.(36)
Round 7 – 2 SC into first SC, SC into next five. * 2 SC into next SC, one SC into next 5 SC* Repeat * until end of round.(42)
Fasten Off


With red yarn, join and chain 25.
SC into each chain and then one into red disk, CH 1 and turn,
SC into each SC, CH 1, Turn
SC into each SC and into base of red disk. Fasten off

Join the other end of the strap to the disk using a yarn needle.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment as I haven’t written that many patterns.

I’m thinking this would be a cute center to fingerless gloves or even gloves. Anyway, my model likes it but she seems to live everything I crochet – which only encourages me to crochet more.

Golden Snitch cat toy

I admit that I love Harry Potter. A while back, I took part in a Harry Potter swap and made this Golden Snitch for my partner’s cat. As I was organizing some photos, I came across several finished projects that I have yet to post. I can’t remember exactly where I got the free pattern. I believe it was at I added a small bell inside the stuffing to make it a cat toy. Of course, our cat will play with just about anything – it doesn’t have to make a noise.

It was a quick pattern. I need to find it again.

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