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Crochet Luxury Item on Survivor

So tonight as I was watching my favorite reality show “Survivor” I noticed one of the luxury items a contestant had brought was a crochet blanket. This week’s challenge was for immunity and their one luxury item they had brought from home. The Heroes won but I’m not sure who brought the pink and white crochet blanket. I’m betting it’s a baby blanket either a contestants or maybe one of their children. Who knows.

Either way bringing a blanket is a good idea since blankets always seem to be a coveted luxury. Maybe in future episodes we’ll see the blanket again and get more of the story behind it. It’s always fun to spot crochet on TV shows. I just wish it was on the DVR so I could get a screen cap.


One of my new favorite activities is craft swaps. It’s so much fun to craft with a purpose especially when Christmas is too far off to worry about, and no baby blankets are on the horizon.

In the Spring I took part in The Office swap where we made our partners something knitted/crocheted around the greatest TV show on air. For my partner, I made a batghan – a lapghan inspired by the episode where Dwight tries to catch a bat that has made a home in the office.


I found a bat Fillet crochet pattern on’s Crochet section and used that for the center. I just filled in the rest with double crochet. I used Hobby Lobby’s cotton yarn which probably wasn’t the greatest choice as it seemed to ‘shed’. Cotton yarn is one of my favorite yarns to work with. I just love the bright colors from cotton yarn although for this project I chose a dull, boring beige.

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