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Tinkerbell Slippers

My daughter loves Tinkerbell and has been wanting some Tinkerbell slippers. I ran across a very simple crochet slipper pattern. I used some lime green yarn and made a couple of pom poms. The slippers turned out really cute – except they are too small. Here’s my foot displaying the slipper. It is way too small for me.

Here is the first pair that I made with the pattern. I used a different yarn and should have added more rows to the lime green yarn. I want to do another pair anyway.

I had a pair of handmade slippers that I loved when I was a kid. I don’t think they were crocheted. Maybe knitted with the garter stitch. But I love how quick these work up and with a few adjustments can be anything from ballet shoes to Tinkerbell slippers.

Mini Jayne Cobb Hat


The Jayne Cobb hat is the infamous hat given to Jayne Cobb – the gun-toting, ready for a throw down crew member of the Serenity. Firefly was such a great show and a mighty shame it was cancelled after just 13 episodes. But what a 13 episodes it was! In fact, fans helped to ensure that the movie – Serenity – was made. Now back to the hat. Jayne receives the hat from his Mom that garners mixed reactions from his fellow colleagues.

There are several Jayne Cobb hat patterns floating on the Internet and most of them are for knitting. I can’t knit but wanted to make the hat for a huge Firefly fan’s birthday, so I decided to make a mini Jayne Cobb hat in single crochet. It turned out really cute and is something that took very little time to whip up. I may have to make another few as hats for some of our amigurumi because that would just be too darn cute.

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