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Fiesta Medals

One local festival that trumps any festival I have ever been to is Fiesta. Fiesta is an 11 day event held in the spring in San Antonio, Texas. It started in the late 19th Century as a way to honor those who fought at the Alamo and San Jacinto.

Fiesta medals are extremely popular. Many businesses and organizations produce a medal making them highly collectible. Now you can make your own ‘medal’ out of yarn and personalize it to your family’s memories of Fiesta.


Here is a quick pattern on how to make your own crochet medal. Not that much yarn is needed, so it’s a perfect project for scrap yarn. Any size hook should do. I used a 3.5 mm.

Starting with the top piece:

Chain 3
SC into 2nd chain from hook and one SC into last chain (2 SC)
CH 1, Turn, 2 SC (4 SC)
CH 1, Turn, 2 SC into first SC, SC into next 2 SC, 2 SC into last SC (6 SC)
CH 1, Turn, 2 SC into first SC, SC into next 4 SC, 2 SC into last SC (8 SC)
CH 1, Turn, 2 SC into first SC, SC into next 6 SC, 2 SC into last SC (10 SC)
CH 1, Turn, Even row of SC (10 SC)
Finish Off

For the Medal done in the round:

CH 2
SC 6 into 2nd CH from hook (6 SC)
2 SC into each of the 6 SC (12 SC)
2 SC into next SC, One SC into next SC, repeat for the round (18 SC)
Finish Off

Sew pieces together. OPTIONAL – Sew or glue a small piece of felt to the back of it to add sturdiness.

I sewed a button in the middle of the medal piece for decoration. Another idea is to use an applique for the round medal piece. All kinds of ideas to make this really unique.

Thing One or Thing Two Wig

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. I have done two Dr. Seuss related crochet projects. One I did last year I crocheted a Cat in the Hat hat and tail for my daughter. Even before that I had made a Thing One and Thing Two wig for my niece’s twins. Here is the Thing One hat:

Thing One Crochet wig

Thing One Crochet wig

I started with a crochet beanie in single crochet. Then I took a feathered boa and sewed it in a circular pattern to the hat. It was the twins’ first Halloween and I think they wore the hats for thirty seconds but it was a lot of fun to make them. I sewed the feathered boa because I didn’t want to use glue since babies would be wearing it. Also that way the boa could also be removed and then the beanie could be worn by itself making it a more versatile piece.

Fun project and always nice to do something for others.

LPS Backpacks

Crochet backpack for LPS toys

Backpacks for Littlest Pet Shop

Littlest Pet Shop fever has hit our house. My daughter has always loved LPS but since we’ve discovered LPS blind packs we have really gone crazy for the cute animal figures. Lately we have been playing a game of school with the LPS figures so naturally they need backpacks. So I was commissioned by my daughter to make 15 crocheted backpacks for the small toys.

They are a little too big, but she wanted to be able to place something into the backpacks. She is happy with it so that is all that matters. Keep the client happy, right?

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

It is Read Across America week and today was dress up as your favorite Dr. Seuss character at school. My daughter chose the Cat in the Hat. I crocheted a hat and tail.


It was great just to go into my stash and find the yarn. Made this project stress free and fun.

Small Santa Hat

This year I actually decorated for Christmas. Usually we are not at home for Christmas so I seldom bother to decorate. But this year we stayed home for the holidays. I wanted to leave out my Rogue statue but felt like she should be more festive so I crocheted her a tiny Santa hat.


It turned out pretty cute considering I wasn’t sure what it might look like on once I had finished it. Now all I need to do is to remember to take it off after the Christmas season.

Yarn On the Go Bags

For as long as I can remember, I have been wanting a yarn on the Go bag from Boye. So finally I broke down and bought not one but two since they were on sale.


Since I am starting a new project today, I thought I would give the bag a try. After opening it, I was somewhat surprised how small the bag appeared but after putting in my yarn that fit, I see why it is called an on the go bag. There is a long strap so this would make it easy to take your project with you. This will be handy for long road trips or anywhere that I expect to have to wait.


So glad I finally picked up a few of these bags even if they weren’t quite what I expected but they will do just fine to hold one project on the go.

Animal Purse

After running across a great deal on Webkinz, I decided to buy a few for Christmas gifts and to make it a special gift by crocheting a purse for each stuffed animal. After searching in vain for a pattern, I just winged it. I love using the thick yarn as these purses went way faster than the others. I was getting tired of making them as my order came in about a week before I needed to have them all made.

I started with an oval shape for two rounds – increasing on the second round. Then an even round in the back loops. From there I just added even rounds until the purse was the height I needed it to be. The handles are chains (51 total) then slip stitch back to the first one.

Also this was a good use of some stash yarn as each purse takes less than one skein.

Yellow Ribbon

This week at school, they are learning about the Constitution. Each day has a different theme and today’s is wear camouflage or a yellow ribbon. Well we didn’t have any camouflage but I have plenty of yellow yarn. I remembered this pattern for an awareness ribbon – so I whipped up one for my daughter.

I can’t find the link to the pattern sadly. I was actually glad I remembered enough to make it since this was one of the first crochet items I ever made. I remember the directions being so foreign to me at the time – when I learned to crochet I didn’t learn to read patterns. But now that I can remember the pattern, it shows me how much I’ve grown in my crochet skills. I still have much to learn but it is nice to reflect on something that once was confusing and now is very easy to remember.

Cool Weather Crochet

I expect my time spent crocheting will increase as cooler weather has finally arrived. With the cool weather, I feel more like cooking and baking and crochet – not necessarily all at the same time. But sometimes I can’t decide what to do since I want to do it all now.

This week I want to start work on some Special Olympics scarves. It just seems like last week that the official colors were announced for the 2012 games. My 2011 is flying by. It is hard to believe it is so close to Christmas! Good thing I am getting in the mood to crochet. Although this year I plan to do as I did last year and crochet only a few items. My grandmother would crochet Christmas gifts all year long. I just cannot do that. It is so hard to me to repeat a pattern much less three or four times, and I get lost in the details when trying to decide what to crochet somebody. First I start off with a hat and then decide to add a scarf, mittens, etc. Then I get overwhelmed by it all and drop the project all together – hence why I’m keeping it simple. To make sure I keep it simple, I wait until mid-October to make gifts.

But now I’m ready to yarn shop and start a few cold weather projects. I’ve got to find my fingerless gloves to keep my fingers warm. This morning I was crocheting on the ride to work when my fingers got cold. There is a chance of frost tomorrow morning – so the cold weather is definitely here. Right now I welcome it but I’m sure that will change – probably after Christmas. It seem after the holidays there’s just no point for the cold weather. Crocheting for the holidays will be past, and it will be way too early to think about next Christmas.

I should just enjoy the cooler temps and the good crocheting time I will have over the next few months.

Princess Peach Crown

Rae was invited to a Princess party which inspired me to crochet a crown. After finding some great patterns on Ravelry, I decided to go a different route and create my own. I wanted to do a crown that Rae would recognize, so I chose Princess Peach. It’s missing the jewels which we think we have something somewhere around here that will work for it. We have yet to find them but haven’t given up.

I used a plain plastic headband and single crocheted around it to make a base. I’m not sure how many stitches I did. My goal was to cover the top of the headband. I then created the crowns with a single crochet in one stitch, followed by a half-double, then a double, then a treble. After the treble, I chained two and did a treble in the same stitch. Then I did a double in the next, followed by a half-double in the next stitch, followed by a single. I might have use a slip stitch next.

When working on it, I hadn’t planned on writing up a pattern but might do so. I think this would be a cute party favor especially since Rae has now expressed interest in having her own princess party. If I use it for her party then I need a prince crown since Rae has a lot of boy cousins.

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