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Month: December 2012

Hooks as Props

Note to self: When daughter asks to borrow your crochet hooks, you may want to ask why. Good to know that if I ever stop crocheting(HIGHLY Unlikely! 🙂 ) that my hooks can be used as stuffed animal props. I’m guessing these are ski poles or maybe the walking power sticks that Phil had on an episode of ‘Modern Family.’

Pink Beholder

This was a request from my daughter – a pink beholder with eyelashes. I used some fun fur for eyelashes. It was multi-colored but that seems to help this clearly girly beholder look even more girlier. She was happy with it so that is all that matters.

Animal Purse

After running across a great deal on Webkinz, I decided to buy a few for Christmas gifts and to make it a special gift by crocheting a purse for each stuffed animal. After searching in vain for a pattern, I just winged it. I love using the thick yarn as these purses went way faster than the others. I was getting tired of making them as my order came in about a week before I needed to have them all made.

I started with an oval shape for two rounds – increasing on the second round. Then an even round in the back loops. From there I just added even rounds until the purse was the height I needed it to be. The handles are chains (51 total) then slip stitch back to the first one.

Also this was a good use of some stash yarn as each purse takes less than one skein.

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