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Month: September 2012

Yellow Ribbon

This week at school, they are learning about the Constitution. Each day has a different theme and today’s is wear camouflage or a yellow ribbon. Well we didn’t have any camouflage but I have plenty of yellow yarn. I remembered this pattern for an awareness ribbon – so I whipped up one for my daughter.

I can’t find the link to the pattern sadly. I was actually glad I remembered enough to make it since this was one of the first crochet items I ever made. I remember the directions being so foreign to me at the time – when I learned to crochet I didn’t learn to read patterns. But now that I can remember the pattern, it shows me how much I’ve grown in my crochet skills. I still have much to learn but it is nice to reflect on something that once was confusing and now is very easy to remember.

Red Chile

Since our move to Texas this summer, I have been wanting to capture some of Texas through crochet. It’s a beautiful state rich in history and culture. I have a few ideas for some big projects but want do a free, weekly project. Up this week is a red chile pattern.

Even before the move, I had wanted to crochet red chilies for my kitchen. This pattern is simple, fast, and just downright cute – not to brag or anything but I am quite pleased at how it turned out.

I’ve only tested the pattern but I worked through it a few times trying to catch mistakes so if you see anything that doesn’t make sense, just leave a comment. I really should do some videos, too as it is so much easier to show technique than trying to explain it.

Red Chile Crochet Pattern

What you will need

Small amount of red and green yarn
Size 3.0 MM crochet hook

Abbreviations used

SC- Single Crochet
DEC – decrease
sl st – slip stitch

Start with magic ring
Round 1 SC 4 into magic ring
Round 2 2 sc into next sc, 1 sc, 2 sc into next sc, 1 SC(6)
Round 3 2 sc, 2 sc, repeat until end of round(8)
Round 4 2 sc, 3 sc, repeat until end of round(10)
Round 5 2 sc, 4 sc, repeat until end of round(12)
Round 6 2 sc, 5 sc, repeat until end of round(14)
Round 7 Even sc (just one sc in each sc in the round)(14)
Round 8 Even sc(14)
Round 9 Inc 2 sc, inc 2 sc, sc next 5, dec , dec, sc next 3
Round 10 Inc 2 sc, inc 2 sc, sc next 5, dec , dec, sc next 3
Round 11 Even sc
Round 12 Even sc
Round 13 Dec, sc in next one, dec, sc in next one


Round 14 Dec over next 2 sc(3 times)

Sew close with a yarn needle , pull yarn through bottom of pepper to make an indent in top of pepper


The stem isn’t very hard but I’ve put in a few pictures since it’s not really done in a round or rows. Basically you will work away from the foundation(main stem) to branch off to make the leaves and come back to that same point.

with green yarn , chain 10

slip stitch into 2nd chain from hook until the last chain (9)

sc 5, sl st into next two single crochets from hook, sc into next two. Sl st into last sc

sc 5, sl st into next two single crochets from hook, sc into next two. Sl st into last sc
sc 5, sl st into next two single crochets from hook, sc into next two. Sl st into last sc
sc 5 sl st into two, sc into next two. Sl st into first leaf(go behind stem)


I love donkeys and could not believe that I hadn’t crocheted one yet. I had looked at a few patterns but didn’t see anything that was what I was looking for – so I just winged it. This is the little guy that I came up with.

I made him so he is sitting down – perfect for a desk buddy. I finally got to use some yarn from my stash. He turned out pretty cute especially since it was my first attempt. I may try another one soon since I do adore donkeys. If I do then I will have to take notes so it will be easier to recreate and I can share how I made him.

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