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Posts from ‘September, 2012’

Yellow Ribbon

This week at school, they are learning about the Constitution. Each day has a different theme and today’s is wear camouflage or a yellow ribbon. Well we didn’t have any camouflage but I have plenty of yellow yarn. I remembered this pattern for an awareness ribbon – so I whipped up one for my daughter. […]

Red Chile

Since our move to Texas this summer, I have been wanting to capture some of Texas through crochet. It’s a beautiful state rich in history and culture. I have a few ideas for some big projects but want do a free, weekly project. Up this week is a red chile pattern. Even before the move, […]


I love donkeys and could not believe that I hadn’t crocheted one yet. I had looked at a few patterns but didn’t see anything that was what I was looking for – so I just winged it. This is the little guy that I came up with. I made him so he is sitting down […]