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Month: April 2012

A New Project

Yes! I started a project last night and it felt fantastic. Some months back, I picked up Amigurumi Toy Box because I love Ana Paula Riomoli’s work. Also the unicorn on the front cover called to me saying ‘crochet me you know you want to.’ So I bought the book and started the unicorn. And..that’s about it. That is until last night.

I am a huge fan of Games of Thrones – both the books and the TV show. In both, the Starks worship the old tree gods. There are these large, white trees with red leaves – reminds of a red oak but with huge trunks. It also seems like the trees have faces in them that ‘weep’ or show emotion. In the amigurumi book is a cute tree pattern which I plan to do several to create a Stark gods’s wood. It feels good to do a project that is for me.

I also plan to work another pattern from the book – it’s a kitten with a kitty bed. It’s a request from my daughter but one I had planned on doing for her anyway since she has been mentioning kittens a lot lately.

Right now all I have is the beginning of the trunk for one tree but hope to have the tree and the kitten(with accessories) done by the end of the weekend.

No Crochet Projects

So about a month ago, I organized my yarn and crochet hooks. I went through the yarn and gave away a lot of it that I will not be using either because I don’t like it or that there isn’t enough of it for a project. The remaining yarn I placed in a large tote and made a label for it. That way at a glance I could tell what was in the tote.

About a week passed and I was inspired to start a crochet project – trouble was I could not remember where I put the tote or what I had done with the yarn. It was maddening. Also I could not find any crochet hooks. Most of my crochet hooks are in a cigarette case holder that I found at the thrift store for 50 cents. It is the perfect length for crochet hooks and a lot will fit into it. Plus I remember my grandmother had a case like this for her cigarette packs and lighter. I always loved it but I have never smoked – so it would be silly to have a case for something I do not use. But now the case has purpose in my life thanks for crochet.

So I could not find this case anywhere. I looked with the craft supplies – knowing I had put is somewhere but drawing a blank as to where that somewhere could be. A few weeks passed and I still do not know where I put my yarn or my crochet hooks. I did a sweep through storage and did not find a storage box. I was about ready to go buy some more hooks and a skein of yarn just so that I could crochet to take away my frustrations.

Well a few days ago, I am rummaging through some items I had put back to sell at a consignment sale when I find my tub of yarn – on my dresser. Man I felt dumb. Had it been a snake – well you know the rest. I was right in front of my face the whole time! However, the tub of yarn did not have the crochet hooks. So now the yarn was taunting me because I knew where it was but not a hook in sight. Last night I remembered that I had placed some yarn in a yarn basket. When I checked there I found my case of crochet hooks. Glory be!

So now that I know where my yarn and hooks are I can get started on the several crochet projects that are swimming around in my head. I usually crochet less in the summer because it is so hot and the yarn is so warm. But this year I may try to do more since I did so little this winter. I miss it and am ready to create something with yarn.

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