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Posts from ‘August, 2011’

The Task Master

My child loves the amigurumi toys that I make. In fact, she gets pretty disappointed if I am making something that isn’t meant for her. This makes my hobby business model a little more challenging if I can never make anything to sell. Right now I am working on a dragon that has been in […]

Mouse Toy

One of the items on my daughter’s Summer list of things to do was to buy a mouse toy for our cat. As we were looking at the mouse cat toys, I decided that I could crochet one just as cute as any of those and save $3-$4. My daughter liked the idea of us […]

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Biffer Shrug

While on Ravelry a few weeks ago, I found a pattern for called biffer shrug. It’s a crocheted pad for your Swiffer. It crochets up pretty fast. I finished mine in a couple of hours spread over two days. Now I have no more excuses for not cleaning my floors. I can’t wait to try […]

Too Many Projects

There are too many crochet and other projects I want to do. It is amazing that when I have something to do, I want to do it right now. It is hard for me to schedule time for crocheting or web work. I need to work on the skill of just doing it even when […]