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Posts from ‘May, 2011’

Princess Peach Crown

Rae was invited to a Princess party which inspired me to crochet a crown. After finding some great patterns on Ravelry, I decided to go a different route and create my own. I wanted to do a crown that Rae would recognize, so I chose Princess Peach. It’s missing the jewels which we think we […]

Tutu Cthulhu

My daughter requested I make her a pink cthulhu with a crown and a tutu. If I haven’t offended the elder god by now, then he can’t be offended. So I gave it a try. This is how he turned out. I found a cloth star that I cut down to make the crown and […]

Kids Crochet Purse

For our Sunday School class, I wanted to make a small purse/basket to put their treats in. I wanted to start with an oval base like a purse I had done about a year ago. Since I couldn’t find that pattern, I just winged it. I think they turned out really cute and plan to […]