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Month: March 2011

Kokeshi Amigurumi

This week I have been working on some amigurumi for my husband’s benefit Legend of the Five Rings tournament. Proceeds are going to the relief effort in Japan. He wanted me to do some Cthulhus for prizes but I thought that samurais, and ninjas would be better for the theme. My search for ideas brought me across kokeshi amigurumi. I was familiar with this but my interest is now renewed. I freehanded a small doll for my daughter. I played around with some embroidery for decoration since I’m really bad at it and need practice.

She turned out pretty cute – especially for a first try. I plan to make more for my first craft fair in November. I had planned on setting up at a craft fair in May but just don’t have enough items made. Kokeshi dolls will definitely be on the craft table. They are just too cute.

Pink Elephant

My most recent finished amigurumi is a pink elephant for my daughter. It is from the book Amigurumi World : Seriously Cute Crochet. My daughter wanted it in the same shade of pink as the picture in the book.

My amigurumis never turn out as well as the pictures. If I crochet the elephant again, chances are it will look better than my first attempt. Crochet patterns are definitely a ‘learn as you go’ process. I try not to get too bent out of shape figuring out a new pattern. It takes a little time and patience. Usually if I make an item again, the second one always looks better than the first attempt.

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