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Posts from ‘January, 2011’

Special Olympic Scarf

I was able to finish on scarf for our state’s Special Olympics. I did stripes and was pleased at how it turned out. It will be on its way later today. Not sure how many scarves my state has received but hope they reach their goal.

Pink Unicorn

My daughter wanted me to make her a pink unicorn. She chose the pinkest yarn at the store. I didn’t use a pattern. Thinking about making another one since I always learn so much after I create a project. While I was piecing it together, my daughter kept saying it looked like a pig. Well […]

Pocket Cthulhu

This past week has been a rough one. Between vehicle issues and limited funds, I just haven’t been in a good mood. But I did whip up this little guy for part of a dirty Santa gift. I call him a pocket Cthulhu. He is about two inches tall. He was super fast to make […]

Special Olympics Scarves

Making scarves for the Special Olympics is one project I look forward to each year. This year I am glad to see that you can send scarves directly to your state’s Special Olympics. You can either knit or crochet scarves. Use any pattern. Just make sure you use the right Red Heart colors. This year’s […]

Blog Challenge

Happy New Year! This month I’m taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It’s a challenge to blog everyday. I did this in October with one of my other blogs and this month I want to do it with Crochet Mae. I want to post more and get this blog off the ground. I mainly […]