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Month: October 2010

Finally Some Colder Weather

After a record setting day of 90 degrees around Wednesday of this week, I was so glad to wake up Thursday to actual cooler temperatures. This fall has been so warm, dry, and not fun. I mean, I have a lot of crocheting to do for Christmas. I need cooler weather for motivation.

After having a dry crochet spell in October, I will most likely be cutting back my Christmas crochet plans. It is probably for the best anyway as I really want to give some craft shows a try in 2011. This will give me time to get that project started before the end of the year.

Right now I think I will crochet simple Christmas gifts like chapstick holders, amigurumis, and cup holders. Leave the hats, blankets, and other projects for birthday gifts.

Crocheting for Christmas

So in September, I made a list of what I wanted to do to get ready for Christmas. It included about 1/4 of the gifts I wanted to make for December. Unfortunately I got very little of my list finished. Now I need to add to the list and make up my September goals.

I want to crochet four hats – that is only one a week. I also want to do a few small projects like chapstitck holders and hair bows. I want to make the hair bows in various shapes like a ladybug, flowers, etc. I still want to work on a few items for Etsy. I’ve never given it a try but would like to. It just seems I have a lot to do and time to do it. I just lack something – motivation? I have never been good at finishing projects. While some people find great joy in finishing something, I feel a little sad. I guess there is the letdown of being done with it and figuring out what to do next. I also hate to make plans. This is problematic since I really need to do some planning since it helps me stay on track. I just need an attitude adjustment.

I am finishing up some mini Jayne Cobb hats to put in the shop. They make cute Christmas tree ornaments. I’d also like to do a few more crochet ornaments. I really like small projects since I have such a hard time finishing larger ones. Hopefully I can get my hook in gear and get some Christmas projects knocked out this month. I hate waiting til the last minute although that is usually what happens.

Angry Bird

Angry Birds is my new favorite game for the iPod Touch. Those cute little angry birds just scream ‘crochet me’ every time I play. Today I was playing around and came up with this for the red one. I have some areas to tweak and then will try the yellow and small blue bird.

The hardest part was all the small extras. They take longer to add to the body than they do to crochet! Still I think he turned out pretty cute. I will make more and maybe even a slingshot. Play a live game of Angry Birds. Now that could be fun.

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