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Month: August 2010

8-Bit Princess Peach

For her birthday, I am going to make my daughter a Princess Peach rug. I was inspired by a Craftster who did a 7-foot Mario rug for her boyfriend. She used granny squares to represent one pixel. I plan to use smaller granny squares that are only two rounds. They are about 2 inches, so the Princess Peach rug will be roughly 3-foot by 6-foot. She will take up a lot of floor space in the girl’s small room.

I hope to have it finished by her birthday which is in early October. I charted out the design and counted how many of each color squares I will need. Now I just need to figure out how many I need to do each day for about three weeks. That will give me a few weeks to put it all together. So far I’m getting at least 10 squares done a day. I need to work on the design since I’m using yarn from my stash. I am short about 60 pink squares. I have other shades of pink, so I will have to work those in somewhere. It should be interesting. Hopefully the girl will like it. If not, then I may just put it in our room.

Shiny Pteranodon

I finally finished Shiny – the second Pteranoodon I have made. She turned out pretty good although she is just a tad smaller than the other one. I was hoping she would be much smaller.

I plan to redo her maybe with less rows. I might try a very lightweight yarn but not sure if I have blue in my stash. If not, then I will probably just start the mom and do the other two kids since I have plenty of green in all weights.


I’m making the Pteranodon family from Dinosaur Train for my daughter. The pattern is from It worked up really fast and was easy. I’m working on Shiny next. This one is going to be the dad. My daughter also wants Buddy who is a T-Rex. So that will probably be my project for the next week or so.

This year I plan to make a lot more Christmas gifts and think some dinosaurs would be perfect for my nephews. Since I’m in dinosaur mode, maybe I will do a few more to get a head start on Christmas gifts.

Hot Pink Cowboy Hat

I’ve been crocheting more cowboy hats. This one is in hot pink and is just adorable. I changed the edging from the Stitch and Bitch pattern since I found the stitch it used to be very hard. It took way too long for me to go around the hat.

Think I will take a break from hats. I have been working on a few different ones all summer. I do plan to make some hats for Christmas, so I can’t take too long of a break.

Crochet Drink Cozy

This time of year my cups began to sweat as soon as I pour my drink. Fast food cups are the worst to sweat profusely. I decided to make my own drink cozy since napkins work well but only for a while. I’ve tested my crochet drink cozy and it works great.

Here is the pattern for the crochet drink cozy. Use cotton yarn and a size 4 crochet hook. Gauge isn’t important since you will be making it to fit your cup.

Being Chain 2
Six single crochet into 2nd chain from hook
Next row, 2 single crochet into each single crochet(12)
2 single crochet, then 1 single crochet around (18)
2 single crochet, then single crochet into next two SC, repeat for round(24)
2 single crochet, then single crochet into next three SC, repeat for round(30)
Check your circle. If it is big as the base of the cup, then stop adding increases. In fact, if the circle is a little smaller than the bottom, don’t add any more increases.

Start doing even single crochet rows with no increases if your circle is large enough. If not continue the pattern until it’s large enough – ie next round would be 2 SC then single crochet into next four and repeat for round.

Make four single crochet rounds

Change colors if desired and do 3 even rounds of SC
Change colors if desired and do 2 rounds of SC
Change colors if desired and do 2 rounds of SC

You can continue in the round if you want a taller cozy.

Choosing Amigurumi Yarn

One trip down the yarn aisle of your local hobby store will reveal that there are a lot of yarns on the market. A lot of yarns are suitable for amigurumi. Generally you want to stay with a medium worsted weight yarn. Bulky yarn may not produce what you were hoping from your amigurumi. Light weight yarn can be used for amigurumi but the gauge may be smaller; you may have to add extra increasing rounds to get the size you want.

When looking for yarn to make amigurumis, you want to look for good, all-purpose yarn. Acrylic worsted weight makes a great choice for amigurumi yarn. There are many colors and the yarn is durable. Cotton yarn is also a good choice for amigurumi too. You will want to use a medium weight yarn for your amigurumi. This is a great weight to work with when making crocheted dolls and toys.

Before buying yarn, check your stash since you might find your yarn there. Making amigurumi toys doesn’t take a lot of yarn. If you have a some left over from another project, then try using it. Sometimes you may need two or more colors so finding yarn from your stash will save you money. If you are making a toy for a child or baby, then choose an amigurumi yarn that is soft. Using a baby yarn or cotton would both be fine choices.

Bottom line is that you can practically use any yarn for amigurumi. Medium worsted weight works best but others can certainly be used. Homespun or bulky yarn probably would be difficult to work with for small amigurumi. Acrylic or cotton yarn works well but wool and other fibers can be used with good results.


I made these two minions from Despicable me for my nephews. It was their birthday and I had gotten them gift cards. I thought it’d be cute to have the minions ‘hold’ them since we saw the movie a few weeks ago. I’m working on a pattern that hopefully I will post later this week. I just need to finish it up.

They are about 3 inches tall and were a hit. In fact, I’m making two more this week. One is for my niece and one is for my daughter.

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