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Posts from ‘July, 2010’


I have tried unsuccessfully to learn how to knit. When I came across a technique called knooking – knitting with a crochet hook – I knew I had to know more. I found a knooking blog that explained how to do this technique with a modified crochet hook. There is also a knooking group on […]


Teacups in crochet are so cute. They make a great fun toy for little girls. This pattern is from Lion Brand and is actually supposed to be a teacup pincushion. It was really easy to work up and took only about an hour. Four teacups, four plates, and a teapot would be an adorable Christmas […]

Tiny Acorns

I made these for a swap. They were on my partner’s wist although they weren’t in crochet but felt. I used embroidery thread for the body and stuffed them with a chick pea. Stuffing wasn’t going so well. Then I used a ribbon to make an acorn top and attached it to a button. Then […]

Squidward Crochets?

While watching an episode of Spongebob Squarepants, I noticed the Squidward was reading an issue of Modern Crochet. I was able to use my camera to get a picture of it. Not to critique but I’ve never crocheted with knitting needles before. Still it was kind of nice to see crochet ‘featured’ on Spongebob. There […]